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Monday, January 20, 2014

2014, Week 3, Monday

A late entry to be sure. But Mondays must be served (he says in only his second weekly Monday blog). But, self-fulfilling prophecies and all that, the success of a weekly Monday blog is best served by writing a weekly blog on Monday. It’s possible I just described a Mobius strip. But, given my mathematical failings, probably not.

So the holidays have happened. The responsibilities of the day job have lessened somewhat by comparison. And it’s time to turn my attention to the needs of promoting my first book. My strategy has changed somewhat, though. Originally there was going to be a lot of pavement pounding, working to get my book in brick and mortar bookstores. But let’s be honest—right now I’m just someone with a vanity project, and a sell sheet and a pretty book is not going to get my product on many bookshelves when there’s a such a mass of published work available.

Rather than go cold with nothing to recommend me, the most important thing seems to be building a body of reviews and recommendations to back up anything I might say about the book. Which means getting more people to read it. I could go with what seems to be the trend of the electronically published indie author—charge 99 cents for the Kindle version of the book. Almost anyone will take a flier on something for 99 cents. But if I sell a whole bunch of electronic copies for less than a dollar, how do I reasonably convince a bookstore it’s worth carrying the print edition when it costs $12.99? Also, and forgive me from sounding arrogant, I think the book’s worth more than 99 cents.

The only reasonable solution seems to be convincing people to buy my book by building up my brand—me. Exactly what that means is still a work in progress. Lots of writing and lots of material with my name on it for starters. This blog. Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, etc. etc. etc. Did I ever mention how much I dislike social media? The irony is not lost on me.

Unrelated Monday stuff…

That San Francisco/Seattle game…wow. One of the best I’ve seen. Still can’t believe what it came down to and that the Niners lost. The resulting adrenaline crash flattened me like a ton of bricks last night. The Super Bowl should be interesting. I’ll be bleeding orange and blue for the next two weeks.

I am way behind on book reviews. I haven’t posted anything on any of the books I’ve read so far this year. That’s going to have to be a priority within the next week or two. Right now I’m reading Dennis Lehane’s The Given Day. It is very different than I expected but quite enjoyable.

I’ve got nothing else for now.

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