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Monday, January 13, 2014

2014, Week 2, Monday

So I kept coming across #MondayBlogs on Twitter. As it obviously occurred to everyone already using it, a goal as simple as always posting on Monday is a great way to force blog content to generate—especially when writing and publicizing said writing isn’t yet your full time job. So here we go. I promise very little. I don't even promise it will make sense.

The last week I've been trying to obsess over the deadline for an open electronic submission period for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (the period ends tomorrow, the 14th). I have no special relationship with that magazine or any special reason to think I have a great shot of getting my story published. The only reason I even know about it was because of something posted on Twitter back in December. But a couple things occurred to me after I published The Loyalty of Pawns. Chief among them was that, no matter what real and virtual pavement pounding I did, the best way to get my book's name out there was to get my name out there. What, do you imagine, is the best way for a writer to do that? Exactly. I gave up short stories years ago, concluding that my style simply didn't conform to the dictates of the medium's size. While that may not have been inaccurate in a sense, it is probably better to say that most of my story writing was done when I was a teenager, and the execution was what you might expect from someone who had only had fifteen or sixteen years--several of which spent while I couldn't read or write--formulating a writing style. And as the years went by, and the project that became The Loyalty of Pawns became more of a focus, I lost sight of the forest for the trees. So here we go again. It's a comedy--at least it's supposed to be. And it was a great place to write a sentence I've always wanted to: "And that's when entropy caused the heatdeath of the universe."

Playoff football. Oh my. What you may have noticed if you follow me on Twitter is that I am a football fan. And a 49er zealot. And that was some great football in both cases this weekend. I really thought the Saints were going to pull it off. I am not a Saints fan; in terms of respect for the rules of the game, I hold them one spot above the Seahwaks--which is to say pretty low. But I liked the idea of facing New Orleans at Candlestick--and who didn't want to see the old girl have one more great game--more than I liked the idea of going to Seattle again. Even with all the other stuff on that final New Orleans drive, expounded on here by Peter King, I cannot fathom how Colston makes that decision. I The Colts/Pats game was of less consequence. Andrew Luck may yet be the second coming of Peyton Manning...but not yet. Or, actually, maybe so and he's inherited Peyton's Tom Brady vulnerability. Speaking of Peyton Manning, it looked for a few minutes like his fabled big game troubles were going to reassert themselves. But it was too little too late from the Chargers. As for that Niners' game--I will concede there were reffing failures. But on both sides. So I'm not prepared to say the refs cost the Panthers that game. Not by 10 points. And not when Newton was getting the pressure he was getting in the second half. Obviously I'm biased, but I like our chances in Seattle very much.

Already got three books under the belt for the year with a fourth under way. Currently I'm plugging along with StarWars: The Truce at Bakura by Kathy Tyers. While I am a giant nerd, this is my first foray into post-Jedi Star Wars books. Also, because I'm really curious if I can do it, I'm keeping a tally to see if I can manage at least 1 book a week for the year. It's a great start at the moment, but part of that owes to what I've been reading. Fun, lighter fiction seems to digest easily--certainly compared to less contemporary writing or compared to all that non-fiction that it is sitting on my shelf. We'll see how well the average holds up when I tackle Lincoln's Citadel or The Bully Pulpit--both books I am anxious to read.

So that’s it this week. This is probably the format this little dedicated blog entry is going to take. Some Mondays it may be of more substance than others. This Monday, as I am struggling through whatever cold is passing itself off for the plague in the bay area, I have relatively little of consequence to add.
This entry brought to us by a crowded Panera Bread at lunch time and Night Visions by Imagine Dragons.

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