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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How Many Books Have You Sold?

Last Tuesday night I came home and found the physical proof of The Loyalty of Pawns waiting for me. When it passed muster, Wednesday became—for all intents and purposes—the release day. The book was available on Amazon and was on Kindle a week later.

Being a writer with zero name recognition who’s self-publishing his first novel and acting as the sole force behind the book’s marketing—so not really much of a force at all for the moment—I’m quite aware of the giant uphill climb before me. And when I get asked how many books I’ve sold only two weeks after publication and about a week after beginning any kind of publicity, I think I’m pretty good humored about the answer not changing much. To this point I can name the people who have bought every copy sold.

That, by the way, was the long way around to saying that I’m not sure how I’ve processed my first book’s publication. On the one hand, I can’t deny an indescribable thrill at seeing my name on the cover of a book. On the other hand, it’s not like I went the old-fashioned way of snagging an agent and then a publisher on the way to getting that thrill.

So it’s one thing to see my name on the cover of a book. It’s another to sell some copies to people I know. A great thing will be selling copies to people I’ve never met.

I figure, much like power-ups in video games, the milestones will stack.

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