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Sunday, December 1, 2013

All the Small Things

It’s fair to say that I’m groping my way through a dark cave with only the aid of an 80’s era light up Timex watch face for help when it comes to my initial attempts at marketing my book (and I’m not being at all when I say that you should read it as soon as possible because it has the potential to change a life…though arguably mine first and foremost).


My priorities so far have been on building up a Facebook, Twitter and blog presence more or less from the ground up. If I had been smart, I would have started all that during the process of writing the book. Of course, I was too busy writing the book to be smart. Of secondary priority, though not really less important, is creating some kind of word of mouth by getting the attention of the internet’s seemingly limitless supply of bloggers.

Of course I completely ignored the small stuff.

The Kindle edition of The Loyalty of Pawns went live late Thursday night. I had the expectation that, like every other book listing on Amazon, the paperback edition would link to the Kindle edition and vice versa. I also figured that you could type the book title into the search field and among the results would be the Kindle edition.

How silly of me.

Needless to say I was somewhat concerned when the only way to find the Kindle edition was to search for the book under the “Kindle Store” category. It took one additional email to the omnipotent (though apparently not omniscient) Amazon help department to fix the problem—and to their credit it was fixed within three hours. And now you, my potential readers, can find the book in paperback, Kindle and direct-to-brain download (preorders available now).

So, lesson learned. While I make my plans for global literary domination, I can’t lose sight of the tiny minutiae that can make or break any future I may have.

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